How It Works

1) Purchasing a Book Review Slot

You go to the ReviewSt Main Page and choose what Review Slot you want to get
Then you go to the ReviewSt Buy A Slot page and enter your book details and press submit
Then we send you an invoice if we think your book is a good fit for our readers

2) Confirmation & Scheduling by Review Saint

We get confirmation of the slot you have asked for and of your payment
Within 1 to 5 business days we schedule your Book Review Slot and email you dates and terms

3) Running Your Book

On the specified dates for your Book Review Slot, we send out your book to our readers
Based on the Book Review Slot you have taken it goes out to some subset/all of our readers
a) 3.3 Million Readers on Apps
b) 286,700+ Email Subscribers
c) 118,900+ Website & Blog Visitors
Readers are clearly told that the book is offered free in return for a honest review. We include a link to your book page in the Kindle Store so they know where to review it

4) How Readers can get Your Book

Based on the option you have chosen, readers can
a) Get Your Book from the Store if you’ve chosen to make it free in the store. This is one way to get the ‘Verified Purchase’ marking next to a review
b) Get Your Book File straight from us – If you’ve chosen to share files with us

5) What Happens After Readers get Your Book

Readers read it in the coming weeks and months
Readers who like it will sometimes go to the store and review it. Please Note: There is no way we can force readers to review. We only ask and the ones that both like the book and remember to review it, go to the store and leave a review
You will start seeing reviews within a week. It takes 1 to 3 months for the full set of reviews to come in

How We Share Your Book

How we Share Your Book with readers -

1) Depending on what Review Saint book review slot you purchase we send out your book so that it is seen by 100,000 to 1 Million Readers. We have 4.1 Million Readers. The figure specified is how many readers will actually see the offer to review your book in return for a free copy. It's not how many we 'send to', it's 'how many readers will actually see your offer'
2) We send out your book to Review Saint's ultra focused Genre Lists with 6,000+ Email Subscribers
3) We send out your book to Books Butterfly's Genre Lists, Sub Genre Lists, and Main Lists. That's 286,700+ Email Subscribers
4) We send out your book in some of our Apps. We have 3.3 Million Readers on Apps
5) We send out your book on Review Saint blogs and Books Butterfly Blogs

If your book is free in a store, then any of these readers are free to download the book. We make it clear to our readers that you are offering the book free in return for an honest review.

If you give us the book files, then we share with these readers based on your specifications - either with anyone who wants the book, or with the first X responders.