8 Main Benefits of Gathering Reviews using Review Saint

You get 8 Main Benefits when you use Review Saint to get reviews for your books -
1) Honest Reviews. Combine the immense size of Books Butterfly (4.1 Million Readers) with the laser focus of Review Saint (6,000+ people who signed up specifically to review books in return for a free copy) and you get the one thing you need most - honest reviews from actual readers.
1A) Important: We ask readers to review the book at the Kindle Store. You can specify a different store if you would like reviews at a different book store.

1B) Important: The Editorial Review is on our site. We will email you a link to it after it is posted

2) Reviews you get via Review Saint will help you sell books. IMPORTANT: Review rating will depend entirely on the quality of your book. If you have not had your book edited and proofread - Please Do Not use Review Saint. Poorly edited and poorly written books will not get good reviews. We are 100% Honest and that is GREAT if you have a good book.
3) ZERO Headaches. You don't have to do anything except provide the book files to us, or make the book free in store
4) You will reach Books Butterfly's 4.1 Million Readers.
5) You will reach the 18 genre specific email lists of Review Saint - people who signed up specifically to review books.
6) You will reach the 20 genre lists of Books Butterfly - you can focus on the exact people most likely to enjoy your book. We can, if you choose, send your book review offer to only the genres and subgenres most suited for your book.
7) One Free Re-Run for Review Diamond and Review Pearl slots if results are not good. In the rare case you get less than 5 Reviews with Review Diamond or less than 10 Reviews with Review Pearl we will run your book once again for no charge. Please Note: We strongly recommend getting your book edited and getting a good quality cover from www.damonza.com or www.goonwrite.com before using this free re-run  
8) If you make your book free in the store(s), you, in effect, get a promotion slot with Books Butterfly for your free book. That's $80 to $200 worth of book promotion and publicity - depending on which Review Saint slot you purchase.

What You Pay For, and What You Are Not Paying For

You Pay For:
1) Sending out your book to the specified number of Review Saint and Books Butterfly Readers.
2) For Us to Handle the Process. So you don't have to take on any of the headaches.
3) An Editorial Review from our Expert Team at Review Saint & Books Butterfly
You Are Not Paying For:
1) Fake Paid Reviews. We do not add any fake reviews. You only get real reviews from real readers. You also get one honest Editorial Review from us (2 Editorial Reviews for the Review Pearl package)
2) Good Reviews. Only good books will get good reviews.
3) Breaking Store Regulations. We operate only in honest ways, that meet store guidelines. We will not, under any circumstances tamper with reviews or try to coerce reviewers to withdraw reviews or improve review rating. This is why it's important you make sure your book is well written and well edited BEFORE you work with us.