Important Note on Timelines

Due to lots of demand it takes us 1 to 5 days to respond. After you purchase a Review Saint slot we will get in touch with you within 1 to 5 days and will let you know when your book is scheduled

7 Simple Review Saint Rules & Recommendations

1) Books must be proof-read and edited
2) Books must have a good cover
3) Recommended: You must ask the reader for reviews inside the book. Ideally on the last page of the book, on the exact page where your book/story ends
4) Unfortunately we do not accept books that end in cliffhangers. Books must be complete
5) Recommended: If you get less than 5 Reviews with Review Diamond Slot or less than 10 Reviews with Review Pearl Slot then get in touch with us. We'll run your book once more for no charge
6) All Reviews in the first 3 months after we run your book with ReviewSaint are attributed to us. Usually reviews start coming in within a week or two. It takes 1 to 3 months for the full set of reviews to come in
7) You understand that a Review Saint slot is limited to sending out your book on our selection of review gathering blogs and genre blogs, book promotion blogs and apps and Twitter accounts, solely chosen by us. We do not guarantee anything. If you get Review Diamond or Review Pearl slot and get less than 5 reviews for Review Diamond or less than 10 Reviews for Review Pearl, we will run your book once more for no charge

All this being said, we work very hard to help you get reviews. We send your book out to a huge number of readers. Our readers tend to only review books if they like the book