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About Books Butterfly

We are a Canadian company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. We have been curating books since January 2008. We do book Discovery and Book Curation for 4.1 Million+ Total Readers. We have 615,000+ Daily Active Readers. We are the #1 Android Apps Book Promotion Company. We are a Top 2 overall Book Promotion Company. We are the #1 Apple Apps Book Promotion Company. We are the #1 Windows Apps Book Promotion company

We have helped authors since January 2008 as a book discovery site. We started doing paid book promotion towards the end of 2014. We have established ourselves as a Top 2 Book Promotion Company overall and #1 in each of - Android Apps, Apple Apps, Windows Apps.

We are one of only two book promotion and marketing companies which guarantee results. We offer a prorated refund in store credit. In the rare case your book promotion does not go well, you get store credit which never expires and which you can use to promote the same book again or promote another book. 92% of $1 book promotion slots and 95% of free book promotion slots hit the target and don't require a refund. At the moment, we don't offer any prorated refunds for promotion slots for books priced over $1.

Why work on Free Book Sites?

1) There's a revolution going on in books. It's a very exciting time to be involved in books. A lot of us are blessed to love both technology and books (not always in that order) and it's the perfect intersection of disciplines. We love books. We love coding and testing and design. Book Discovery and Search is a rather super fit.

2) When making and selling apps our #1 problem was Discoverability. We had great apps but it took an immense amount of effort to make customers aware of our apps. We did sell over 1 million paid apps. We did reach #1 in Kindle Store and in the Nook Store. However, there was no easy way to reach customers - it wasn't enough to have a great app

Now, with our book deal and free book sites and with our 4.1 Million+ Total Readers, we can help authors solve what was Our Own Biggest Problem - Discovery & Discoverability

It's time to Build a FAIR and FREE Market.

It doesn't matter if you have the best product, the best prices, the best product market fit. You have to become an expert in marketing to achieve success.

This Discovery & Discoverability problem exists for all creators. We ourselves had faced this when we were selling our Paid Apps. We saw this EXACT same Discoverability problem in Books.

With eBooks, any author can now publish their book(s). However, neither the stores nor the search engines are good at giving authors a FAIR and FREE Market

It leaves authors at a Dead End. What's the point of being able to publish if you don't have a fair chance at reaching readers?

There's no revolution if the only authors who can get visibility with readers are those backed by Big Publishers, those backed by Big Companies, and those who are very rich.

In some ways, it becomes worse than before because you have the promise of 'Yes you can publish' and the reality of 'No one will ever know you have published a book.'.

By Solving the Discovery & Discoverability problem for Authors we could help Millions of Authors tackle the Single Biggest Issue we Ourselves Had Faced as Creators

We realized that authors had the exact same Discovery & Discoverability problem which we ourselves had faced when we were creating Apps. Instead of focusing on writing the most beautiful books, authors have to struggle with marketing. Authors rarely have the technological know-how or the marketing acumen to solve the Discovery & Discoverability problem themselves

We realized that we could fix for authors the exact same problem which had been our biggest challenge and opportunity - Getting Discovered. Getting Visibility. Getting a Fair Chance.

We are moving the book market towards a FREE and FAIR Market where EVERY Author gets A FAIR CHANCE

An author no longer has to have a $5,000 marketing budget or the backing of a billion dollar corporation or publisher. Just a well written, well polished book

We are tackling the Discovery & Discoverability problem in books by creating a Platform that allows authors a fair shot at getting visibility, and allows readers the opportunity to find the best new books and the best authors. We are solving For Authors what was Our Own Biggest Challenge & Opportunity - Getting Discovered and Getting A FAIR CHANCE

Are you Serious? Do you really want to solve the Discoverability problem?

Yes. Connect the dots and we're basically building a grand platform for authors to connect with readers

We're focused on creating a FREE and FAIR Market that solves the Discovery & Discoverability problem for authors

This new revolution in books will be as big as Gutenberg's revolution. If authors let go of their fears and jump in fully, it'll be bigger. And the rewards, just as with Guternberg's revolution, go to the three parties that most deserve it -

1) Readers
2) Authors
3) The Human Race

The Printing Press led to the wide dissemination of a lot of knowledge. The Scientific Revolution, The Industrial Revolution, and lots of other amazing things followed in the centuries after The Printing Press made books cheaper and more wide-spread. We win this new revolution and everyone will share in the rewards

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