The Review Saint Unique Selling Proposition

Combine Books Butterfly's 4.1 Million Readers with Review Saint's 7,700 ultra focused genre specific lists and you get a very unique selling proposition

A) You reach more readers than you could with any other Review Service.

B) You get the benefit of casting a wide net and asking Books Butterfly's 4.1 Million Readers for Reviews.

C) You get the benefit of narrowing down to genre and subgenre email lists and blogs and asking Your Perfect-Fit Readers for Reviews.

D) You let us handle all the tough parts and focus on writing your books and selling your books.

E) You rest assured that we will send your books only to deserving readers (those who actually review books) and that we do not utilize any illegal or unethical means. We keep you safe by avoiding everything that is or could be misconstrued as illegal or unethical.

Important Note: The Reviewer Rating Scheme is a work in progress. It is far from perfect. What we can assure you is that we relentlessly weed out readers who don't actually review, and we focus on the readers who do review - especially those who write well thought out and honest reviews.