Top 11 Reasons to Gather Reviews for Your Book using Review Saint
1) Reach more readers than any other Review Service. Across our Books Butterfly and Review Saint services we reach 4.1 Million Readers. Get your book in front of these readers and request for reviews.
2) Same Trusted and Honest Service you are used to from Books Butterfly. Review Saint does not pay reviewers. We do not use any illegal means. Everything is according to store guidelines. We are honest about our figures. We are honest about what you can expect.
3) Double Impact of using BOTH Review Saint's dedicated genre specific email lists and Books Butterfly's huge combined lists and genre lists.
Review Saint has 6,000+ email subscribers, divided across 18 genre email lists who have signed up to provide honest reviews in exchange for a free book.
Books Butterfly has 4.1 Million+ Readers.
4) We make it easy. You don't need to coordinate anything. You just get a Review Saint slot and we handle the rest. You can make the book free in the store, or you can give us the files, and we set it up. Important: There is no option to 'gift' books to each reader individually. It's not feasible due to logistical reasons. You either make the book free in the store, or you share the book files with us
5) Review Saint has separate dedicated email lists for 18 separate genres. That means you get your book in front of readers most likely to review your book. These are readers who specifically signed up to review books in return for getting the book free - they are EXACTLY the readers you are looking for.
6) Books Butterfly now has separate dedicated email lists and blogs for the 4 big stores (Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo), for 20 genres, and for 47 subgenres. This ensures you get your book in front of the most precise set of readers interested in your book. These readers , in turn, are the most likely to appreciate your book and review your book.
7) We reach readers no one else reaches. Many channels have gotten saturated - it's difficult to even get noticed. With our genre and subgenre blogs and genre email lists, you are reaching many, many readers who don't even know that they can get high quality books free in return for an honest review.
8) Indie Author focused. Our readers have been buying and reading indie author books since we've been curating indie author books - January 2008. These are the readers that helped create the ebook revolution. If your book is good, then these are the readers you want to reach.
9) Well thought out, simple process. We've considered the common pain points and eliminated many of them. We will keep improving the process to make it simpler for authors, make it better for readers, and to make it more effective in getting reviews. Think about it - All you need to do from your side is pick a slot, give us the files or make the book free in the store, and we handle the rest.
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