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January – Light, Enjoyable & Absolutely Ravishing!

  1. *JANUARY: Unmastered and Unequalled (THE MEN of HARD SERIES) by Claudia Vincetti. Price is: Free in Return for a Review. Genres are:
    Erotica of the Day, Sponsor, Romantic Erotica, Spicy Adult Romance. Synopsis: There is nothing ordinary about Rayan Soloman. On the pin-up calendar, he is JANUARY. He is one of those incendiary hot, please don’t stop—faster; deeper; faster her pleasure is paramount kind of males—there’s no other word for him he’s ‘raw pleasure’. This tall, ebony eyed stranger who makes love like a wildfire, in actuality is a dark son of espionage, an unorthodox man from the shadows—so different from the woman he’s enthralled.

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