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Know – You Are More Than You Think

  1. ***Know – You Are More Than You Think (The Ultimate Personal Growth Book). Free in Return for Review! by Christopher Gibney. Price is: Free. Genres are: Personal Growth Book of the Day, Sponsor, Achieve Physical Health, Emotional Peace, Loving Relationships, Career Satisfaction. 104 pages. Please Note: Author has shared This PDF File in Return for a honest Review. Please leave a Review (or any comment)on the Amazon’s Book page, Here. Thank you!

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      Know invites you to venture beyond what you think is possible. Way beyond. And it gives you the tools to go forward one step at a time. Whether you are seeking physical health, emotional peace, mental clarity, loving relationships, career satisfaction, or spiritual fulfillment, Christopher puts his finger on the core issues that frustrate your efforts to succeed. Know is not just another self-help book with another formula for success. It takes the lid off your limiting beliefs and challenges you to experiment beyond those boundaries. And it is not just about the concept that you have unlimited potential. Know is about the specific things you can do to realize it for yourself. Christopher does not ask you to believe anything, but insists that you take action. He gives you time-tested techniques for getting direct, personal experience of who you really are and what you can really do. Perform your own experiment. That is the only way you will truly know for yourself.

Author Bio:

Christopher Gibney has extensive holistic healthcare training and credentials, including a license in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine and a Doctorate in Homeopathic Medicine. With over 30 years of experience in private practice he has helped hundreds of people improve their health, many of them with complex, chronic conditions. But this is just part of his story. Christopher’s real story is very personal. It is about the understanding and compassion that come from sharing life dramas in many meaningful relationships: 7 siblings, 28 first cousins, 29 nieces & nephews, dozens of professional associates, many culturally diverse friends, and over 30 years of marriage. And it is about the conviction gained from walking his talk. He has practiced meditation every day for over 40 years, and has always tried to live a balanced life of practical service and prosperous simplicity.

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